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With nearly 5 decades of experience in shipping, custom clearance and logistics,Aziz Jawed Savul is one of the most well respected and senior member of the trade. An entrepreneur at heart.He has remain involved in various sectors of economy in different times i.e real estate development, trading of commodities.This diversity has allowed him to understand the intricacies of various trades and accumulate a complete bird’s eye view. Aziz Jawed Savul still remains the guiding light in establishing new and innovative ways to keep the shipping and logistics one step ahead of this ever changing field.

Shoaib after completing his post graduation education in Canada worked there for seven years with various investment banking and private equity firms. His time in Pakistan was spend with some of the leading investment and asset management institution and this experience of his has benefited the firm to take advantage of establishing professional and efficient banking arrangements.Cash flow management has allowed the firm to improve logistics equipment and expand to a complete 360 degree shipping and logistics solution provider.



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