We use the same version in print, on screen,
and on the side of our buildings. It’s simple.
Easy to understand. No drop shadows, no
glossy reflections, no flashy graphic effects.
Our logo is a bold, simple, graphic
statement. It signifies a touchpoint, and a
The logo is made up of two elements: the
symbol and the logotype.
While it is a simple logo, we must treat
it nicely. The following pages cover the
correct usage to ensure the logo always
looks its best

Ebrima says “approachable” and “straightforward” and is easy to read.

Ebrima is our primary typeface used in all communication materials.
• We use Corbel for Secondary text.
• Use type size and weight to establish a clear hierarchy of information.
• Don’t substitute any other typeface unless you’re using Arial for corporate communication.
• Printed items being distributed, use
• In case your computer does not have
Ebrima please use Arial for internal presentations.
It suggests authority, dignity, security, stability, heritage, and trust.
Blue also communicates image attributes such as “friendly,” “approachable,” “reliable,”
and “trustworthy.” Darker blues convey “tradition” and “quality,”
while brighter blues are used to convey “innovation” and “technology.”
Blue can also signal “fresh & Energetic”.
These guidelines are designed to help everyone at Savul and our partners, to use our brand with confidence and consistency. Our brand is what sets us apart, defining our reputation and aspirations. By using it effectively we will better establish our leading position in the marketplace. Once you start working with them and get used to them, you’ll find these guidelines have been designed to work with you and provide all the flexibility you need create the best work possible.
Ebrima Regular/Bold                             Corbel Regular/Bold

Additionally Download our logo Elements